Van Jones Is At It Again! Look What He Just Said About Obama


CNN’s Van Jones is race baiting once again.
Now he’s claiming that if Obama had acted the way President Trump is acting he would have been imprisoned.

The Hill reported: CNN host Van Jones ripped President Trump over reports that he paid off an adult-film star to keep their affair quiet, saying that if former President Obama had done it, he would have been whisked away to Guantanamo.

“New Day” host Alisyn Camerota asked Jones on Thursday: “Isn’t it fun to play the ‘What if Barack Obama did this?’ game?”

“If Barack Obama had done just half of what Trump did last week, he would have been impeached. He’d be in Guantanamo,” Van said, a former adviser to Obama. “They’d have said ‘Listen, something’s wrong with this guy. He’s no longer here. Biden’s the president … we’re moving on.’ ”

Adult-film star Stormy Daniels this week filed a lawsuit against Trump seeking to void a nondisclosure agreement set up by Michael Cohen, an attorney for Trump. Cohen paid her $130,000 before 2016 to not talk publicly about the alleged affair, which she says took place in 2006.

H/T The Hill