OJ Simpson Comes Forward With Bombshell Confession


OJ Simpson just came forward with a major admission that has stunned the nation.

Fox just released a clip from the upcoming special OJ: The Lost Confession in which the disgraced NFL star admits for the first time that he began dating Nicole Brown while he was still married to his first wife.

Daily Mail reported that Simpson told Judith Regan in the 2007 interview that he first met Nicole when she was working at The Daisy, a popular Los Angeles club. After failing to get her number during their first encounter, Simpson said he went back a few days later.

He admitted that he started dating Nicole soon after even though he was still married to his first wife Marguerite, who had just given birth to their daughter Aaren at the time. Nicole had also just graduated high school.

This is just one of the bombshell admissions Simpson makes in the interview. In another clip, Regan alleged that Simpson’s lawyers told her he murdered both Ron Goldman and Nicole, an allegation the former football player later confirmed says the publisher. She said he made this admission on the grounds that his book not be called “I Did It.”

Simpson’s friend Thomas McCollum III recalled the moment a 30 year-old Simpson met the teenaged Nicole, as he was with the football star at the time.

“He was married to Marguerite at that time, but as we’re sitting there this gorgeous little surfer blonde is waiting tables at the lunch hour,’ said McCollum. “OJ goes, ‘Wow, who’s that?’ And Nicole came over and she said hello and she didn’t walk ten feet away and he looks right at [owner of The Daisy] Jack Hanson and says: ‘I’m going to marry that girl.’”

David LeBon, Nicole’s roommate at the time, said he was stunned by how fast her relationship with Simpson moved.

“She was 18-years-old. She had just graduated from high school. She was like my little sister,” said LeBon. “She goes, ‘I met this man and his name is OJ Simpson.’ They went out and I waited up for them. She got home and it was like 2:00 in the morning and her jeans were ripped and I went ‘what happened?’ And she goes, ‘well, he was a little forceful.’ And I go ‘Nicole, why would you let him on a first date be a little bit forceful?’”

Nicole replied by saying she liked Simpson.

“That was the start of it,” said LeBon.

It’s despicable that Simpson was never imprisoned for murdering this poor woman and her friend. SHARE this story if you think OJ Simpson should be LOCKED UP!
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