Just In: Trump Drops Surprise Nuke On Barack Obama – It’s Finally Happening


Barack Hussein Obama is such an egomaniac that he was convinced Donald Trump would be far less popular than he was. That’s why he is undoubtedly furious right now after it was revealed that Trump is actually just as popular as he was.

Infowars reported Trump’s approval rating is now virtually tied with Obama’s at the same stage of his presidency after Trump popped to 49% following his State of the Union speech. The latest Rasmussen poll stated that voters are evenly split with 49% disapproving of Trump and 49% in his corner, Trump’s highest voter approval since March 7, 2017.

When looking at Obama’s approval rating on this day in 2010, the same duration into Obama’s first term, his approval rating stood at 50%, just one percentage point higher than Trump. On top of that, on the same date in 2010, Obama’s “strongly disapprove” rating was 39% compared to his “strongly approve” rating of 32%, giving him a total approval index of minus 7.

Trump’s “strongly disapprove” rating is currently at 38% compared to his 35% “strongly approve rating,” giving him a total approval index of minus 3, which is four points better than Obama.

This means that among Americans with forthright views, Obama was more unpopular than Trump is now at the same stage of his presidency eight years ago. Trump’s rising approval rating was due largely to his stirring State of the Union speech as well as to the recent tax cut. This comes after Grabien News released a video montage exposing 140 lies from his own State of the Union addresses.

Bizpac Review reported that Obama often made the same promise in his addresses year after year, yet he never kept them. For example, he repeatedly forecast the closing of Guantanamo Bay, the overhaul of corporate taxes and the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, but delivered on none.

Back in 2010, Obama famously promised to pass health care reform that would let Americans keep their insurance in 2010, and in 2009 and 2010 he assured Americans his administration would go through the budget “line by line” and eliminate needless government  programs.

In addition, Obama arrogantly pledged that numerous scientific breakthroughs were coming under his watch, such as curing cancer which he promised in 2009, 2010 and again in 2015, when he also declared the U.S. would colonize outer space and turn sunlight into liquid fuel.

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h/t conservativefind