Whats These Roofers Did During the National Anthem At A Nearby Football Game Just Went Viral


Sometimes, patriotism is the ‘driving force’ for the progress of one nation. In the US history it certainly is, but in the modern-day America, or at least in the last 1-2 decades we forgot what does it mean to be a strong patriot. Little mistake, THEY forgot- the media, the Hollywood elites and most of the celebrities, the sports athletes, the leeches on Capitol Hill.

However, this nation is built on strong patriotic values and we want to keep this country and our national culture and tradition alive we need to keep those same values.


The NFL rebellion brought huge frustration to all NFL fans. They now find various ways to show the NFL management and all rogue players and coaching staffs that THEY ARE HORRIBLY WRONG. 

One group of Roofers also made something amazing that’s going crazy viral. Read more below:

A photo of three Maine roofers who paused while the national anthem played at a high school next to their job site has gone viral.

The photo, taken Saturday, Oct. 14, shows the three roofers with their hands across their chests as the national anthem was played at Waterville High School during a football game.

The men could hear the anthem play due to the proximity of the home to the school.


Read more: (Link: www.kcra.com)



Please spread this! Fans in the past weekend showed even more to all NFL players how determined they are to fight this battle until the very end. Fans are not going to back off and they shouldn’t. All fans showing revolt need support and all Americans must stay united on this issue.


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