Senator Ted Cruz Silences Democrats for Criticizing and Assaulting Sessions


Since Senator Jeff Sessions was nominated for attorney general, there’s been many complaints and assaults. Last Tuesday, on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Ted Cruz ( R – Texas ) hit back Democrats who criticized Sessions.

Firstly he wanted to finish with the protesters, who intervened in the Sessions confirmation hearing, shouting nonsense like : “Jeff Sessions, you are a racist!” and “Black lives matter!”


After being escorted from the room, it’s noted that Senator Cruz stated “ free speech is a wonderful thing”, before continuing with the real problem.

“This has been an interesting day at this hearing listening to Democratic senator after Democratic senator give speeches and praise of the rule of law. And I am encouraged by that, because for eight years it has been absent,” Senator Cruz started.

“For eight years we’ve seen a Department of Justice consistently disregarding the rule of law.”

Cruz then started accusing the Dems: “When Eric Holder’s Department of Justice allowed illegal gun transactions, illegally sold guns to Mexican gun traffickers, as part of Fast and Furious — guns that were later used to murder Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry — the Democratic members of this committee were silent.”

“When Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with Congress’ investigation into Fast and Furious, once again the Democrats on this committee were silent,” he added.

“When the IRS illegally targeted United States citizens for exercising their First Amendment views, for exercising their roles in the political process, Democratic members of this committee were silent.”

He also recalled how the Justice Department refused to prosecute the matter, instead the investigation was handed over to a major donor to Obama’s campaign, and still the leftists didn’t do anything.

Senator Cruz then started enumerating numerous other illegal acts unanswered by the Democrats like Operation Choke Point, sanctuary cities, the paying of nearly $2 billion in ransom to Iran for American hostages, the numerous changes to provisions of Obamacare without congressional approval, and the recess appointments by the president, which the Supreme Court later ruled, unanimously, were unconstitutional.

“But I take today as a moment of celebration,” said Cruz, mentioning that renewing a reverence for the rule of law is a good thing.

“Now, if we were to play a game of tit-for-tat, if what was good for the goose was good for the gander, then a Republican attorney general should be equally partisan; equally disregard the law; should advance political preferences favored by the Republican Party,” he said.


After that Sen. Cruz asked Sessions: “Do you think that would be appropriate for Republican attorney to do?”

Senator Sessions stated it wouldn’t, making light of the “corrosive effect on the public confidence in the constitutional republic, which we are sworn to uphold”.

“That’s exactly right,” agreed Sen. Cruz, explaining why he was so certain in his choice supporting Sessions’ confirmation with “every degree of confidence you will follow the law faithfully and honestly. And that is the first and most important obligation of the attorney general.”


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