Liberal Militia shows off their ‘Range Day’ – Are they even serious?


Arizona Liberals at the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club like to call themselves a strong militia force. They even showed that by having an open carry demonstration outside a Trump rally last year.

Well the Free Market Shooter pointed out that some of the weapons in this counter-demonstration were clearly fake. So what do the proud Liberals do? They held a “Range Day” which they filmed and sent to everyone they know.


Before we even comment the footage, it’s fair that you take a look for yourselves:

Now that you’ve had your fair share of laughs we can point out some amazing moments.

The range they are shooting at is far from a well coordinated “Range Day” standard. It’s a few targets randomly placed on a small field. Next we have the range. The furthest target is only 25 yards away! Which leads us to the next point. The U.S. standard rifles have a zeroing (pre-configured sight range) of 25 meters. So if some numbers are calculated, the weapons are meant to fire at 50 meters or above. Not that the weapons won’t fire at close range, but the people in the video are just randomly shooting without even aiming. And that leads us to the final point. Their bullets aren’t even hitting the targets. Just take a look at the dust caused on the field. If the bullets hit the target, the dust would come from behind the targets location. Instead the whole field is dusting up.


What their purpose for this video was went down the drain the moment they uploaded it. Let’s hope it was worth their time.


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