VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Get That Smirk Wiped off her Face by President Trump


The left was speechless after President Trump won every state that was expected for Hillary Clinton to win.

Rachel Maddow was quite surprised to see that Trump winning state by state. Maddow had a theory about the Niger ambush in which four soldiers were killed in action.

From TFPP:

Almost one year after America went to the polls, and liberals’ heads exploded – it’s fun to take a look back at how that night went down – and Rachel Maddow’s meltdown.

As you’ll remember, President Donald Trump won every swing state that was initially projected for Hillary Clinton in the polls.

It was enough to leave the left utterly speechless.

State by state – Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Pennsylvania – the states fell for Donald Trump, and that self-serving smirk was wiped off her face. Take a look at this great video, with an awesome Batman theme:

Perhaps this was to be expected. As the liberal Huffington Post themselves admit, Maddow’s show was a whole bunch of puffery.

In a show last week, Maddow tried to weave a narrative that the ambush in Niger that killed four Green Berets was suspect. That something fishy was afoot.

But Maddow’s theory was so flimsy that it could be debunked by a quick glance at a map, let alone a phone call with an expert.

Janet Malcolm of The New Yorker recently described Maddow’s show as “a piece of sleight of hand presented as a cable news show. It is TV entertainment at its finest. It permits liberals to enjoy themselves during what may be the most thoroughly unenjoyable time of their political lives.”

The entertainment came as an attempt to pin the ambush that killed four Green Berets in Niger earlier this month on President Donald Trump’s newest proposed travel ban, which was scheduled to go into effect this week but was struck down in federal court. Maddow seized on the revised ban’s inclusion of Chad, one of Niger’s neighbors and a U.S. partner in counterterrorism efforts in Africa.

An expert, Maddow noted, warned that the decision “could put Americans in harm’s way.” Last week, when the Chadian government announced that it had completed the two-week process of pulling out all of its troops from Niger, the move was viewed as related to the travel ban, she claimed.

An uptick in extremist attacks has ensued, Maddow added, which “might explain why we have just had these four absolutely unbelievable gut-wrenching emotional days in American politics and in D.C. in particular.”

Maddow’s segment was designed to strongly suggest, without outright stating, that Trump’s addition of Chad in his latest travel ban prompted the country to remove its troops from Niger, leading to an increase in extremist attacks and ultimately claiming the lives of four U.S. soldiers.

Chad’s pullout from Niger “had an immediate effect in emboldening ISIS attacks,” Maddow said.

That appears to be false. According to the Council on Foreign Relations and accounts from local residents, the attacks that have increased can be traced back to militant group Boko Haram, which is based just across the border in Nigeria. A group of Boko Haram militants broke away and formed the Islamic State West Africa, Laura Seay, an assistant professor in Colby College’s Department of Government, told HuffPost. But they are separate from the so-called Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the group that reportedly carried out the ambush (although no group has claimed responsibility for the attack).

And hey, Batman fans, if you liked watching Rachel Maddow get owned, here’s a longer segment:

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