Van Jones gives CNN a piece of his mind – New undercover video reveals a lot


James O’Keefe’s expose on CNN is a huge rating booster. This weeks video has CNN contributor Van Jones and what he has to say about a few things.

The previous video had John Bonifield. He made sure it went viral in mere minutes. Bonidield was as honest as he can be and admitted that Trump-Russia stories are just kept for getting ratings. CNN nor anyone else for that matter has any evidence of this. Well CNN had to lighten the blow on this and said that they “welcome and embrace diversity of opinions.”


Well this time we have codename “Project Veritas.” CNN can’t cover up with the same excuse this time. Here is how it all went:

At this point it’s clear that CNN only hunts for ratings. Nothing more nothing less. Real news and reporting to the people is just a cover up. The bigger the views are the more money they can put in their pockets.

This is just a clear example of mainstream media. Let’s hope people realize this before they give CNN a few more views. Share the news and let everyone know.

Would you still watch CNN after this? Comment below and tell us what you think.


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