Twitter Enraged After A Fake Photo Of Obama ‘Helping Out’ In Texas Surfaces


You can always count on a photograph of former President Barack Obama to set the internet on fire. This time around, the former president was snapped as he was serving food in Houston in light of Hurricane Harvey hit.

Soon after the photo was taken down, but as tradition would have it- once you’re up, you can never go down again. The caption was particularly interesting to read as it said, “something you’ll never see trump do: Obama is in Texas serving meals!”


But, what liberals forgot to mention is the fact that the photo is two years old, and was actually taken in 2015.

This didn’t seem to concern the lefties as they admired Obama’s commitment and dedication. However, it is a basic knowledge Obama would do just about anything for a little limelight.

The user who posted the photo later apologized but this didn’t do any good as social media users have already had enough of it.

I took down the tweet of obama, I apologize to people who thought it was real. also to @callrail I apologize!

— Aiden Benjamin (@Feisal_Hagi) August 28, 2017

The woman in the photo, alongside Obama, is wearing a sweater, so you tell me now – who in his right mind puts on a knitted blouse int he middle of August? Fake news, much?!

Hurricane Harvey inspired more fake news aside from this one.

Clever editors actually managed to photoshop a shark swimming around in the flooded area. Yep, you heard it right – a bloody shark!

Is that what we’re telling kids in Texas now- beware of Hurricane and deadly sharks?

The never-amused left is finding inspiring and yet, dreadful ways to keep everyone’s attention, whereas the only thing they managed to provoke was everyone’s disgust.


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