Tucker Carlson gives a Muslim activist a good beating – He shares his thoughts on ‘Safe Spaces’ and taxpayers money wasted for it


Muslim activists have been hunting media for a chance to promote their “Safe Spaces.” It is essentially an idea about extremists having an open space to share their thoughts and views on things.

Well such an activist came on Tucker Carlson’s show this Friday. Imani was the guest during this show. According to her explanation in Australia a group was formed by the name of Islamic Council of Victoria. Thanks to it around 200,000 Muslim in Australia have managed to achieve the safe space ideology. Now they want to have the same movement here in the U.S. And what’s even more shocking is that they want taxpayers money to fund it.


Here is how the interview went:

Well this is in fact Carlson’s show. So he had to say a few things in return. In fact he fired back at the same idea trying to be promoted. He slammed down the Imani in mere seconds with what he said.

Give Tucker a good round of applause. He spoke the truth and pointed out the crazy ideology being spread here in 2017. Comment below if you support what he said. Share the news and save your nations money. Taxpayers money are not there to be wasted.


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