It’s Trump’s turn to laugh – Khaled Khateeb banned from Los Angeles – Officials have an investigation underway


Hollywood celebrities have been at Trump’s throat for quite some time now. They have been forming groups for joining forces against Trump and his administration. Well they had their laughs. Now just 24 hours before the Oscar’s it’s Trump’s turn.

They are all getting ready to celebrate their careers success while Trump has a surprise for them. U.S. immigration officials are on the move. Khaled Khateeb a Syrian cinematographer has been blocked from entering Los Angeles. He isn’t going to participate in the Academy Awards because he will be too busy with US officials. Khaled won’t be able to participate in the event for his 40-minute Netflix documentary “The White Helmets”.


Khaled working on “The White Helmets”:

They supposedly found “derogatory information” about the director and are currently investigating the matter. As a Syrian sympathizer, Khaled might have been involved in something more than just a passport problem. As we all know Syrian don’t quite like Israel as the US ally. We will give more information about the situation as it develops.

But what’s most important now is that Trump’s vetting system is working and there are no exceptions. He knows what’s good for America and he is going to make it great again.

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