Trump’s Attorney gives a public speech – The president was never under an investigation to begin with


Someone unexpected appeared on Sunday live TV. Nobody was ready for this to happen. Trump’s attorney dropped a huge truth bomb on media. The president was never under investigation. Everything was just a clever story.

Here’s the official announcement:


Jay Sekulow is a well-known and well respected attorney. That’s why he is a part of the Trump legal team. Everything he said was spot on and easy to understand. Even mainstream media can’t manipulate his words.

Everyone was in an uproar when Trump released this tweet:

Thankfully Sekulow was here to save the day. As the interview shows Trump was never referring to an “investigation.” It was clearly a figure of speech. It was also a trap for anonymous leakers sharing information with the Washington Post.

The further explanation made every Democrats day. Sekulow explained that Trump only responds in a way that mainstream media deserves it. He will respond to them the same way they write about him. In other words he just showed that he has zero respect and tolerance for them.

Share the news and let everyone know. Trump never obstructed the law.


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