Trump throws away binders worth $29 million – Make sure to get the point he is trying to prove


During a recent speech, President Trump made an amazing point. A huge infrastructure project wasted millions of dollars. Well now he showed everyone at the press conference what it means to throw away all the official paperwork.

The president took off the stage for a bit. When he came back he had 3 binders full of hundreds of pages. After explaining what they had written, everyone got silent. The binders held regulation paperwork for constructing a road. An 18 mile road worth $29 million takes a few pounds of paper to get everything ready for construction.


After  throwing the binders 1 by 1, Trump took back to the podium. He than explained that nobody even understands what most of those papers are for. He wanted to make a point about having changes. This speech was a part of the announced infrastructure week where he pushed for a huge investment of $1 trillion in American infrastructures.

The message was clear. The more the 2 parties work together and lessen the load of paperwork, the faster America will become great again. Speed and quality is the key to a fast and stable change.

Comment below and share the news. Make sure everyone understands what Trump is fighting for.


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