Trump Has New White House Portrait And It’s Completely Different


This Tuesday, the new official portrait of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have arrived, and will now be scattered throughout federal offices all across the nation.

The two portraits were produced by the Government Publishing Office (GPO), and show the two in front of an American flag. The President seems to have swayed away from his signature red tie, but kept the formal navy suit. The GPO will now, after several months of office, be distributing the portraits to more than 7,000 government office buildings, where they will be put up in the lobby along with a picture of the department’s secretary.


President Trump however seems to have altered his pose for the picture, with this time showing a big smile on his face, unlike the previous portrait which was released right after his Jan. 20 Inauguration, and shows him being serious.

Information about why it took more than nine months for the White house to finish the portraits is unclear, despite past presidents having produced and disseminated the official visage of the nation’s chief executive with just a few months after taking office.

According to Gary Somerset, an agency spokesman, “GPO is standing by to reproduce copies of the president and the vice president’s photos for official use in federal facilities and will do so as soon as the official photo files are provided to us.”


Many found it odd that the president hadn’t urged the process of receiving and distributing portraits all over federal buildings, but despite the long wait, the portraits have finally arrived.


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