Trump has a new BOMBSHELL for James Comey – This one is serious


James Comey’s testimony was watched all over the U.S. From homes to bars, people have been closely paying attention to anything the former FBI director had to say. Some even shared their moments on social media:

Surprising to everyone Comey made more damage to himself than Trump. Everyone thought that the revenge of the fallen director would start. However it seems that he spoke the truth as much as he could.

Questions came in for both Trump and Michael Flynn. Comey admitted at leaking the memo he got from Trump. He later on also admitted about leaking other stuff. Yes, he shared some non-public information about various cases.

Well the president couldn’t have asked for more. Trump is getting his attorneys ready. He is filling a law suite against Comey for releasing classified information. He even went public about it:

It looks like Trump is going all the way once he starts. Comey is in for a lot of trouble this time. If Trump really doesn’t like something, it’s leaking. This could be a game changes in the trials to come.