Trump made sure CNN and NYT get seated last – It seems the president is ready for some payback


Major liberal outlets got punished by non other than President Trump himself. He made sure they get seated in the back row during his newest briefing. CNN and NYT are furious.

Former FBI director James Comey released classified information to both CNN and NYT. This was confirmed during his testimony a few days ago. Well now it seems Trump is ready for some playback. All the fake news and leaking have brought us to this point. Take a look at where these 2 major outlets got seated.


Well a few moments later and CNN starts crying. They went to social media to share their whining:


If CNN thinks this is unfair than they should think twice. It’s their mistake in the first place. Nobody ever forced them to share fake news. They brought it upon themselves.

Share the news and let everyone know that Trump doesn’t forgive those who misuse information.


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