BREAKING: Trump is innocent – Jay Sekulow states out the obvious


Earlier this week president Trump posted a tweet saying:

Well it seems as thought this has caught the eye on mainstream media yet again. They wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t start making stories about it. Luckily someone took the important matter of clearing things up for these delusional writers. Jay Sekulow took up an interview to explain everything.

Trump’s attorney dropped a huge truth bomb on media. Trump was never under investigation. As part of the Trump legal team, Sekulow explained why Trump referred to it as an “investigation.” It was clearly a figure of speech mocking Washington Post’s article about the same story.

The further explanation revealed that Trump hasn’t been under investigation once during his presidency and there are no charges of him obstructing the law so far. He also added that if anyone thinks otherwise, Trump’s administration welcomes an investigation. They are ready to co-operate and prove yet again that Trump is just being falsely accused by media outlets.

There you have it people. Trump welcomes an investigation. If this is the only way to make you stop writing these stories, than the president will waste some of his time for your satisfaction.

Share the news and let everyone know. Trump was never under any investigation.


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