Trump Administration’s new rule will expand DHS’s Power to accelerate deportations




President Trump and his administration have been fighting vigorously for expansion of the Department of Homeland Security’s power which would make it way easier for authorities to deport illegal aliens from our country back to theirs.

Currently, authorities can only bypass immigration courts for illegals who’ve stayed in the U.S. for less than two weeks and who were apprehended within 100 miles of the border. All other aliens must be formally processed through immigration courts which is very very slow and a pain in the a** too.


According to a 13-page internal memo reviewed by The Washington Post, the administration wants to expand the exemption to include “illegal immigrants apprehended anywhere in the United States who cannot prove they have lived in the country continuously for more than 90 days.”

According to the Washington Post, this move of the Trump administration wouldn’t require congressional approval.

If this rule passes successfully, it would significantly accelerate the removal of some illegal immigrants, and at the same time make it clear that the immigration court system is wholly inadequate for this particular job.

Earlier this year, the New York Times reported that “even if immigration officials initiated thousands of deportations immediately, court dates for those immigrants would be at least a year and a half away.”

That’s an issue which could be alleviated to some extent were the rules pertaining to deportations simply adjusted.

“The potential changes would allow DHS to more efficiently use resources to remove persons who have been illegally present for relatively brief periods of time while still observing due-process requirements,” DHS spokeswoman Joanne F. Talbot explained to The Post, adding that no final decisions have been made yet.

The proposed policy would also “eliminate incentives not only to enter the country unlawfully but also to attempt to quickly travel into the interior of the United States in an effort to avoid the application of expedited removal,” according to the memo, as quoted by the Post.

So far, President Trump’s stance on illegal immigration and his approach in handling it has been working like a charm, despite the mainstream media convincing everyone otherwise.

According to the U.S. Custom and Border Protection report, agents have arrested only 21,659 illegals in comparison to the 45,722 they arrested last year. Such similar, drastic declines have been seen in the previous months too.

If this new rule gets approved, I bet that in the following months there will be an even bigger drop in border crossings, something the media surely won’t report.




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