Trey Gowdy proves yet again that he will get to the truth no matter what – He says he figured out who the recent Leaker is


Political officials have been leaking classified information to media and to the public. In other words they have committed treason against the U.S. Well Trey Gowdy is here to make them start sweating. He claims he knows their identities.

During a recent private testimony, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats promised to give Gowdy and Schiff some confidential information. However hours later and this gets out to the public. Here is a part of the leaked footage and Gowdy’s reaction about it:


Gowdy was so furious that he even raised his voice more than occasionally. And he has all the right to. Three different sources have leaked the same information in less than 8 hours. That’s more than just amazing for a private testimony footage. However at the same time, the leaker sealed his/her fate.

According to Gowdy there were only 8 people in that room. Ha also added that he is now certain and knows who the Leaker exactly is.

Gowdy is ready to put someone behind bars. Who is this mysterious leaker? Comment below and share your thoughts on this.


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