Terrorist runs from 70-year-old man – Filipino resident protects his land


A member of the Abu Sayyaf militant group managed to anger a local Filipino resident. Minutes after the encounter, the terrorist realized the mistake he made by entering the farmers land.

Lolo Peryong was working on his land when the armed terrorist approached him. The intruder carried a M-16 rifle as he was confident in his approach. However mere moments later and he realized his mistake.


Peryong fearlessly stepped up to the terrorist. Catching him off guard he managed to put him down. Armed with only a knife and his wits the 70-year-old man managed to protect himself from the brutal attacks of the intruder.

Local soldiers hear the commotion and managed to help the local. The terrorist was taken out by the incoming soldiers as he was shot in the chest. Luckily nobody else was heavily injured.

This brave man managed to stand on his ground and protect himself. Mere days before, terrorist had occupied local lands near him. However he refused to give up and stayed on his land. He is currently in the hospital where his lighter injuries are treated. This man deserves a medal.

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