Terrible incident in South Carolina – Several Victims


South Carolina was struck by horrible incident last Sunday morning, in which seven people were hurt in a gun fight in Myrtle Beach. The above video was captured on Facebook Live.


As reported by the Daily Mail, the gun fight occurred around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, near Ocean Boulevard, by the coast. The fight started in a large crowd as the main suspect pulled out a gun and opened fired upon the crowd.

Lt Joey Crosby stated that the police was initially called to the scene at 12:25 a.m. in order to respond to reports according to which a large crowd had gathered around and was blocking the traffic. Before the police officers got to the scene, a fight broke out between three men, among which was the one who later opened fire.

The above footage of the incident, which was taken from a hotel balcony by Bubba Hinson, shows at least a dozen shots ring out.

Unfortunately, the shooter managed to escape from the scene by hijacking a nearby vehicle. But that escape didn’t last very long, as he was later caught and arrested. The identity of the shooter still remains hidden from the public, as police officers are waiting for him to be medically cleared and for warrants to be served.

This video of the incident went literally viral very quick, getting from 2.5 million views in just one day.

City authorities are not fond of the way people are gonna be seeing Myrtle Beach from now on.

“Social media today puts this word out quickly,” Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes said on Sunday. “It does not look good for the city of Myrtle Beach.”



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