Senate room gets quiet – James Comey talks about Loretta Lynch


James Comey’s testimony in front of Senate today left many speechless. He answered questions for almost 4 hours. However one question in particular left the room silent. Comey was asked about Loretta Lynch.

The former FBI director answered every question asked without a moment wasted. With that said, he didn’t hold anything back when Barack Obama and Lynch came into question.


Here is what he had to say:

The former A.G. Lynch was personally involved in the Clinton email case. In fact she was the one to ask Comey to not refer the situation as an investigation. That’s only days before the secret meeting with Bill Clinton.

Well luckily Comey made the investigation public and ruined their plans. Had he gone silent, nobody would have known that Hillary had more than 100 mails with confidential materials “stolen.”

This was revealed today for the first time. Seems as though Comey decided to take this serious and explained everything as clear as possible. Of course that doesn’t include classified information that he briefed authorities in private, but the amount of public info given today is a great start on taking down Clinton.

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