SCANDAL: Obama’s INVOLVEMENT In Hillary’s Criminal Activities EXPOSED – They Will BOTH Go Down


Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of private mail server in time of the elections had a huge impact on the outcome of the election – causing her to lose. Recent speculations are now more concerned about President Obama’s involvement in all that.

According to The Gateway Pundit, last year President Obama stated that he was unaware of candidate Clinton’s use of private mail server for official government work.


But judging by a more recent report this was proved to be nothing but a shameless lie:
“One of the key things we’ve learned in the FBI interviews known as 302s came from Clinton aide Huma Abedin,” said reporter Catherine Herridge.

“She told the FBI investigators that every time Hillary Clinton’s personal address changed they would update the White House so the president could continue receiving Hillary Clinton’s emails on his high-security devices including his Blackberry.”

Newly FBI reports that came in, prove that President Obama was using an alias in his mail exchange with Clinton, which points out very clearly that they were both aware they were not on a private server. This furthermore, proves that Obama really was an accomplice in Hillary Clintons illegal matters.


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