Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Mueller During Press Conference Once And For All


All the liberals seem to be able to talk about is this Russian meddling mess that has taken over our entire country. Even though there have been no reports or evidence of collusion on Trump’s side with Russia, we are still hearing about it on a daily basis. And that is sad because it proves that the liberals do not care about the truth and only want to see Trump fail as or leader. The news that Paul Manafort is going to be facing charges has caught a lot of people off guard.

Sarah Sanders tried to hit back against all of this swirling mainstream media bogus. Obviously, they are going to try to turn this into a whole big situation in which Trump needs to be impeached. But like she so often must, she quieted them down and spit the truth where everyone could hear it. This is what we need to see more of.

First she got it out of the way and said that Trump had no plans of firing Robert Mueller or his staff. She then started talking about the charges and made sure that this has nothing to do with the president or his administration


Some people do not seem to understand this. “Today’s announcement has nothing to do with the President, has nothing to do with the President’s campaign, or campaign activity.”

She then dropped the hammer saying that the only “real collusion” was with Hillary Clinton and her campaign. This because new evidence has come out that proves her and her campaign funded the infamous Trump dossier. This was very notably absent from many media outlets.

Sarah Sanders has to deal with a lot as White House Press Secretary. Every day she is hit hard by the liberal media who try hard to take her down. But she is not going to give in and will continue to protect President Trump as much as she can.

This collusion investigation is turning into more and more nothing. At this point, Mueller is literally running out of things to look out and it’s obvious.

You can watch the full presser below:


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