Sarah Huckabee Sanders Rips ‘Disgusting’ Question by April Ryan [Video]


CNN contributor and American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan on Tuesday asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders if the administration believed “slavery is wrong.”

“What is the definition of compromise as it relates to slavery and the Civil War?” Ryan asked.

Watch below:

And from what can be seen in the video above, the press secretary “I’m not going to get in and re-litigate the Civil War just like I told you yesterday. I think I’ve addressed the concerns that a lot of people had and I’m not going to re-litigate history here,” but still, she was faced with a reporter that stiffly pushed her question once again.

“I’ll ask the question again… The question is: Does this administration believe, does this President believe that slavery was wrong?” asked the reporter again.

But this time, Sanders didn’t take any of it, and decided to increase what were at first kind words, into a harsher tone, before once again brushing off the claims of the reporter.

“I think it is disgusting and absurd to suggest that anyone inside of this building would support slavery,” fired-back the Press Secretary.

H/t USA Newsflash

The question at the end of the Tuesday briefing comes one day after White House chief of staff John Kelly stated in a Fox News interview that the Civil War happened in part because of “a failure to compromise” between the North and South.