San Francisco street blocked by Libs – Trump protest ends when random Biker passes by


It seems like Anti-Trump protests are still a thing. San Francisco street got blocked after a couple of Liberals got on the ground and started protesting.

According to many of their banners they are all organized in order to “die in” if Trump’s healthcare act is not removed. Well let’s see just how ready they are when a random biker has enough and passes through.


It seems they are all talk but no action. The random motorcyclist showed just how much America has respect for their protests. Exactly zero.

After doing it for a few times, the biker got arrested by a local police officer. He is currently in custody but no charges were filed against him.

Not only is lying on the middle of the street dangerous, but it’s ruining public peace. People are using these roads 24/7 to get to their homes, workplaces or just passing by. These people have no right on spreading their “ready to give my life for”  and bother normal citizens that want nothing to do with it.

Was the biker right to do what he did? Comment below and share your thoughts. Spread the news and let everyone know what happened.


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