Report: Things Just Went From Bad to Worse for the NFL


Week 13 doesn’t appear to be the National Football League’s lucky number as photos of stadiums across the league still show an awful lot of empty seats. Meanwhile, the sad in-person attendance mirrors the continually plummeting TV ratings.

From Conservative Post:


Tens of thousands of seats were empty at nearly every stadium across the country. And that catastrophe was echoed in TV viewership.

Very, very few Americans relatively speaking bothered to watch any NFL games this past weekend.

One fan at the poorly-attended Miami-Denver game said there were so many empty seats that tickets were being sold for just $19, and still they remained empty.

All across the league, fans posted photos of stadiums that were lucky to see 60 percent attendance.

In some cases, it seemed as though there were more empty seats than there were fans:

Seriously, you see better attendance at many high school football games.

The NFL better get its act together, and quick. It won’t survive another season like this one.


Things are not looking good for the NFL. Seems like they still don’t get it. Americans have demonstrated their disgust with the NFL anthem protests. And even a former NFL stars weighed in to tell the protesters to just stop it. But I’m afraid it’s all too late now. It’s very doubtful that the NFL can recover from this.


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