Report: CNN Comes Clean And Gives Trump Amazing News


US President Donald Trump flies home Tuesday after an Asia trip that went off without major incident and generally met critics’ low expectations.

If the primary purpose of Trump’s visits to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines was to shore up relations with those countries and their leaders, the trip can be judged a success.

From Politics Pot:

The mainstream media has always been quick to hand the President lemons, but Trump manages to make lemonade day after day. It is difficult, on any given hour, to tune into a cable news show and find positive reporting on the President or his accomplishments.

That’s why Wednesday’s headline over at CNN was such a shocker! But when the truth is the truth, there’s just no denying it. The news network applauded President Trump for “Again, finding success overseas.”

Check out what CNN had to say:

“Trump’s apparent ease at doing business overseas — in keeping with the image of an international deal maker he promoted during the campaign — was established during his first foreign trip, to Saudi Arabia, in May. In Riyadh, he basked in the admiration of Saudi princes and enjoyed lavish entertainment.”

“Trump started his trip in Tokyo, where Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe greeted Trump with a trip perfectly customized to his personal preferences — he gave him custom hats reading ‘Donald & Shinzo, make alliance even greater,’ arranged a golfing session with Japanese pro Hideki Matsuyama and took him out for steak, a Trump favorite.”

“Setting the tone for future stages, Abe was effusive in his compliments of Trump, saying he believed ‘there has never been such close bonds intimately connecting the leaders of both nations as we do now in the history of Japan-US alliance.’”

By any yardstick, Trump’s 13-day tour to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines has been a public relations coup and a massive success, to use one of the President’s favorite phrases.

The central purpose of any such trip is to strengthen relationships with foreign heads of state and to exercise a little goodwill diplomacy. Trump accomplished that goal with ease, confidence, and good humor.

Even in South Korea, where Trump has a frosty relationship with president Moon Jae-in, he did well. Moon told his guest he was “making great progress on making America great again.”

How’s that for a compliment?

The President of South Korea told reporters after their meeting that, ‘There is a special bond forged between President Trump and myself which is meaningful and I am grateful to be part of.”


At a summit for Asia Pacific leaders, Trump defied US intelligence agencies and much of the Washington DC establishment by saying he took President Vladimir Putin’s word that Russia did not interfere in last year’s election.

Though he walked his comments back somewhat — Trump said he believes “very much in our intelligence agencies” — he reiterated his opinion that the whole scandal has been “set up by the Democrats” to distract from their electoral loss.