New York City is on Red Alert – New terrorist threat approaching


Enforcement officials are currently in panic. They revealed shocking news to the public. A terrorist group is planning an open attack on New York City in the next couple of days.

Many outlets have reported on this story. However the The New York Post had the most accurate report. The well-known MS-13 terrorist group. They are connected to El Salvadoran gang as they try to spread havoc and chaos on American ground.


Officials have stated that MS-13 and El Salvadoran are currently working on their “New York Program.” This essentially means from small terrorist breakout to a large offensive attack. Here is the report:

Many of the information they currently have was leaked by captured terrorists belonging to the MS-13. Nassau DA Madeline Singas has stated that many of them got arrested for attempt of murder or other violent acts.

The terrorist gang is currently recruiting young people so that they can use in suicide missions. These people are are scum as they can get. The officials are warning all New York residents to be careful in the next few days. How the situation evolves is entirely in the hands of the law and their response speed.

Send your prayers for New York. Share the news and warn them to be careful.


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