Random kindness can be found anywhere – Look at how this couple made sure a Waitress gets the thanks she deserves


Kindness is a hard thing to find these days. However it is not extinct. There are still people who would do something from the bottom of their heart for a random stranger.

Gary and Roxann Tacket were newcomers to Missouri. They’ve been visiting a local restaurant for quite some time now and managed to get to know one of the waitresses. As they told the press they were really happy with the service and the time they spent with Cindi Grady. In return to that kindness they made sure to bring Cindi to tears of joy.


The local waitress had a really hard life. She is the mother of a disabled son and the driver of a really broken up car. In fact those are the only two things she has in life. The car was made from scratch as that was all Cindi could afford.

Here is how the car looked:

Well Tacket’s had enough. They spoke to the manager of the restaurant and made a huge surprise for their favorite waitress. Take a look at her reaction when she gets a brand new car:

This is truly something that defines the word kindness. However that wasn’t all. Cindi told this story to her insurance agent and local mechanic. In regard to that they reduced the cost she has to pay from now on.

Cindi Grady is truly a lucky woman to meet people like these. Make sure to share the news and preserve kindness. It really is rare to find it these days.


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