Queen Elizabeth invited Trump over to the U.K. back in January – It seems that the offer still stands


A few days after he got into office, President Trump was visited by Theresa May, U.K.’s Prime Minister. In an act of gratitude towards the great hospitality, Queen Elizabeth herself invited Trump over to the U.K.

After the small fiasco between Trump and Sadiq Khan, many have been against Trump’s visit. However it seems that the offer still stands.


Trump and Khan got in a little argument on Twitter. Regarding the recent terrorist attacks in London, Trump showed more concern than the city’s own Mayor. That aside, now many higher authorities are against Trump coming to the U.K. However it seems that May denied their request. The invitation still stands and Trump is welcomed to meet the queen.

Boris Johnson, U.K.’s Foreign Secretary was one of the first to rebel against Trump’s visit. However Prime Minister May immediately responded. There will be no canceling of the agreed visit.

Of course Trump responded to this. Spicer sent a message expressing the president’s gratitude for the gracious invitation. Although Trump and Khan are not in best relations with each other, the queen still seems to be willing to meet the new U.S. president.

Will Trump travel to the U.K.? Comment below and tell us what you think.


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