President Trump Campaign Launches New Christmas Product Which Is Certain to Enrage the Left


President Trump supporters can celebrate this Christmas in a very unique way, which will definitely enrage some of the left, if not everybody.

According to Conservative Tribune:


The Trump campaign unveiled its “Make American Great Again” Christmas hat, which looks similar to the original “MAGA” hat but has Christmas lights embroidered along the edges of the letters.

“Merry Christmas” is also embroidered on the back in white letters.

No “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays” for Trump supporters!

The Donald J. Trump website said that orders placed by Dec. 20 would be received in time for Christmas.

It wouldn’t be surprising if these hats sell out. Throughout his campaign, Trump told voters he would cast aside all political correctness and bring “Merry Christmas” back. It looks like this hat is just one way the president intends to make the real meaning of Christmas important again.

Anti-Trump haters can be offended from either side of this hat. We can only imagine the amount of rage these hats will generate, considering how much Democrats despise the original hats. You can bet liberals will be spitting out their vegan, cruelty-free eggnog when they catch a glimpse of one of these hats out of the corner of their eye.

Here are some liberals on Twitter who are already melting down about the Christmas MAGA hat:


The words “Merry Christmas” are stitched onto the back of the special edition hat, which is “Proudly made in USA,” according to the website.

During his presidential campaign and since taking office, Trump has repeatedly told supporters “we’re saying merry Christmas again,” suggesting that people no longer use the phrase “because it’s not politically correct.”

What do you think about this new product? Share your thoughts with us.



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