President Putin has a few things to say about Trump – Democrats are looking for a place to hide


President Putin had an interview about America and Donald Trump. You won’t believe what he just released. Democrats are trying to find a place to hide as we can clearly see their panic.

Megyn Kelly from NBC had the opportunity to speak to the Russian President in a private interview. The time was limited, so the questions she had were sharp and spot on. Of course talks about America’s election interference and Donald Trump came into questions. Vladimir Putin didn’t dodge any of them. Instead he was delighted to clear things once and for all. Here is what the had to say:


It is clear that even Putin is getting irritated from Democrat’s conspiracy stories. As he said in the interview, “they must really have a boring life.” In addition to that he explained what hackers really are. In a few short minutes he showed America a lesson they won’t forget.

Trump is yet to respond about this interview. Media reporters have not been able to catch up with him in the past few days. Either way, America’s intelligence agencies are still at it. They are certain Russia has their hands dirty with election results and they won’t give up. How this ends is yet to be seen.

What are your thoughts? Would you believe the Russian President over the Democrats? Comment below and tell us what you think.


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