Pope launches thinly veiled attack on Trump, saying: ‘History will judge climate change deniers’


As we all know, since the moment Donald Trump took office, Pope Francis didn’t seem very fond of his leadership and views, but despite refusing to comment on specific matters, the Pope has finally let go of his mannerism, launching a thinly veiled assault on the U.S. commander-in-chief for his rejection of climate change as well as for pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement.

Details reveal that during an interview with reporters aboard the papal plane, Pope Francis stated that “history will judge” those who refuse to accept the science of climate change, adding how, “If someone is doubtful that [climate change] is true, they should ask scientists.” Pope Francis also went on to explain how these were not “opinions made on the fly,” adding how “they are very clear.”


But he didn’t end there, as he went on to further add that both politicians as well as private citizens have a “moral responsibility” to act, and taking in mind the fact that the Pope is a huge supporter of the Paris climate agreement which is a pledge be almost 200 countries to reduce emissions, it is clear that he would trash the POTUS as soon as he got the opportunity. He also didn’t miss out but to say he hoped that Mr. Trump would reconsider his decision to end DACA.

The Pope ended his speech saying, “If we don’t turn back, we will go down.”


What do you think about this? Do you stand with President Trump against the Pope?


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