Poland has a great message for refugees – Beata Szydlo votes for refusing European Union’s demands


European countries start focusing on a serious matter at hand. Poland is one of the first to speak freely. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo spoke in front of the Polish parliament regarding a very serious topic. It’s time Poland stopped listening to the European Union about refugees.

Szydlo spoke freely about the current situation. She might have even angered a few European leader while she was at it. Her strong points were talking about European culture getting destroyed and Western nations getting financially weakened.


The first point of interest she explained was destroying the current culture. Middle Eastern refugees are destroying it everywhere they step. Having an even bigger wave of them locate in Poland will cause a big problem. The second part is finances. As much as they can be neglected, they are slowly but surely destroying the economy for many western countries.

The E.U has new plans for Poland now. They want to raise the number from the previously agreed 5,000 refugees. Well instead of taking in the 6,200 refugees Szydlo has a different plan. She wants to financially support the refugees in the Middle East. Poland will no longer be taking in refugees.

Unfortunately the E.U. has been know to “blackmail” many countries that refused. However it seems Poland won’t be giving up that easy.

Share the news and let E.U. know that every country has the right to share their thoughts. If you support Poland in this move than comment below.


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