People Furious: Clinton Wins Horrifying Court Victory


A federal judge tossed a lawsuit Thursday that would have pushed the State Department and FBI to do more to try to track down Hillary Clinton’s emails, ruling the government has done all it reasonably could to locate the former secretary of state’s messages.

As Christian News Alert reports:


Both Judicial Watch and Cause of Action, government watchdog groups, sued back in 2015. Their demand was the government recover all of Clinton’s emails instead of a small percentage.

Their claim for this lawsuit is that Clinton violated the open-records laws when she decided to delete her emails. Open-record laws cite that there should be a preservation of the emails in question.

At the conclusion of the trial, US District Judge James E. Boasberg, who was appointed by former-President Obama, claimed that the FBI was successful in their efforts. Furthermore, he said that the FBI did manage to recover thousands of emails that Clinton did not turn over.

“Those efforts went well beyond the mine-run search for missing federal records … and were largely successful, save for some emails sent during a two-month stretch. Even then, the FBI pursued every imaginable avenue to recover the missing emails,” Judge Boasberg wrote.

This is not the first time that the case was shot down. In 2016, the lawsuit was dismissed as moot. However, not long after, the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia reversed the finding.

The Circuit Court demanded that the government “shake loose a few more emails.” Yet Judge Boasberg did what he could to make sure that the shaking for emails would stop.

“The Court of Appeals may have asked the Government to ‘shake the tree harder’ for more emails, but it never suggested that the FBI must shake every tree in every forest, without knowing whether they are fruit trees,”  the Judge wrote in his findings.

The president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, noted that he thinks President Donald Trump will be unhappy with the results of this court case. He also said that he thought there would be more effort put into uncovering all of Clinton’s hidden emails.

“I think the President, once he learns about this, is going to blow his top and he ought to,” Fitton said. His hope seems to be that this will be enough to push President Trump forward so the truth can be revealed.

John Vecchione, president of Cause of Action, also spoke about his disappointment over the Judge tossing his case out. Vecchione pointed out that he does not believe that Clinton’s “unlawfully removed email records,” were actually recovered.

H/T Christian News Alert

“Unfortunately, the court concluded that efforts by the FBI in its investigation of Secretary Clinton’s handling of classified material, which resulted in the recovery of numerous emails that Clinton had not previously turned over, left nothing further for the attorney general to do,” said Vecchione.


If new evidence emerges that shows Clinton did not give up her deleted emails, it could set off additional probe of the emails.


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