Obama Wants $1.2 million for office use next year


Most of us are aware by now that former President Barack Obama and Ex-First Lady Michelle have one of the most expensive habits, living a life of luxurious trips and benefits, in and post living in the White House. And that has once again been proven not just when it came to his post-presidential office space paid for by the government, but his budget request for 2018, which hits a sum of incredible $1,153,000, surpassing former President George W. Bush’s request by $100,000.

Not only that, but the request is $200,000 bigger than former President Bill Clinton’s requested amount of funds, who maintains his post-presidency office in Harlem. It is in times such as these that the former presidents need to once again remind themselves to stay humble, just like former President Jimmy Carter, whose budget request is just $456,000 with an office based in Atlanta.


While there are many speculations for his record-high request of funds, the Obamas claim that the main reason behind it all is their choice to remain in D.C. while Sasha Obama finishes school, which later prompted them to buy a luxurious home in D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood.


And while the Obamas are up in the sky with their requests and luxurious lifestyles, we are thankful to have a president like Donald Trump, who not only puts his people before money, but even donates his salary to those in need.


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