Obama: The blame for the anti-Israel UN vote rests with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


According to Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, the blame for the anti-Israel UN vote rests with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The resolution states that Israeli construction in the West Bank should stop immediately and that the land they are construction onto is a Palestinian territory, occupied long time ago.

“Netanyahu had the opportunity to pursue policies that would have led to a different outcome today,” Rhodes said to the reporters during a conference on Friday.


“In the absence of any meaningful peace process, as well as in the accelerated settlement activity,” Rhodes said, “we took the decision that we did today to abstain on the resolution.”

“Absent this acceleration of settlement activity, absent the type of rhetoric we’ve seen out of the current Israeli government, I think the United States likely would have taken a different view,” said Rhodes.

During the conference it was reported that:

“Rhodes also cited the head of the nationalist Jewish Home party, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, claiming “the era of the two-state solution is over” following President-elect Donald Trump’s upset victory last month over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

…Rhodes also cited past presidents who have abstained from UN Security Council resolutions critical of Israel and said that, up until this point, Obama was the first in decades not to allow a single resolution through during his time in office.

The reason for the change now, he said, was that the administration “exhausted every effort to pursue a two-state solution through negotiations,” alluding to the 2013-2014 push by US Secretary of State John Kerry to reach a final-status agreement in a nine-month time frame, as well as other efforts since 2009.”

It is obvious that Ben Rhodes is clearly overlooking the Palestinian unwillingness to be apart of the peace process and places the blame for the resolution directly onto the Israeli Prime Minister.

In the report stays that the Israeli government has offered the Palestinians a vast segment of the West Bank and a shared capital in Jerusalem as well numerous times. These offers took place at Camp David in 2000, Taba in 2001, The Annapolis Conference in 2007, as well as many offers in 2008. Each attempt to come to peace with the Palestinians was overthrown without suggesting any counteroffer.

Despite the readiness of the Israeli Prime Minister to start the negotiations leading to creating Palestinian state, as well as terminating the Jewish construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, and releasing Palestinian prisoners, the PA showed no interest in any kind of agreement.

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