Obama Is Still Not Off the Hook for a scandal that got Border Agent killed


Former president Obama may have left the office, but one of his scandals still hasn’t been sorted out, as Congress proved it with a recent report.

The Congress report, titled “Fast and Furious: Obstruction of Congress by the Department of Justice,” the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee blamed the Obama administration handling of the scandal, which contributed in arming Mexican drug cartels.


The report blasted Obama and his DOJ for “obstruction of Congress” and being less than forthcoming with the media and victims’ families regarding the truth behind the events.

As the report suggests, when Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by a “Fast and Furious” weapon during a firefight back in 2010 with a Mexican gang members and the scandal backfired to Obama’s administration, the Justice Department was “focused more on spin and obfuscation than getting the facts right.”

Even after agent Terry’s family sought out answers from Obama’s top law enforcement agency, the recent report noted that the Department of Justice considered them nothing more than a “public relations nuisance.”

The report was pretty harsh and unforgiving in its findings, claiming that the DOJ delivered false information to Congress so they could cover up the truth behind the failed operation.
The most concerning of all of this is the fact that the misrepresentations to Congress came from the very top.

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress in a 2012 vote in the House, due to withholding “thousands of key documents,” and even asking Obama to exert his “executive privilege” over “all documents related to the Justice Department’s responses to questions from Congress about Fast and Furious.”

As expected, Obama sided with his buddy and allowed the administration’s refusal to comply with lawful congressional subpoenas in order to “obstruct the investigation.”

“In the course of that investigation, nearly six years ago, the Justice Department wrote to Congress and falsely denied that law enforcement officers allowed straw purchasers to buy firearms illegally in the United States and traffic them without being apprehended,” the report explained. “Since that false denial, the Committees have investigated why the Department of Justice misled Congress and failed to correct its misrepresentation in a timely manner.”


Luckily, Congress was supported with some firm knowledge by whistleblowers, in order to piece together a more accurate picture than the one they received from Obama’s administration.

According to the report, one of the first whistleblowers to have come forward and reveal the scandal was ATF Special Agent John Dodson.


As agent Dodson reveals, he was ordered not to stop certain guns from being trafficked across the border into Mexico.

During a March 3rd interview with Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News back in 2011, Dodson noted how he along with some other agents objected this dangerous practice, but these objections didn’t accomplish anything.

“I felt guilty. I mean it’s crushing. I don’t know how to explain it,” Dodson told Attkisson.
In another interview with Attkisson, which is set to air Sunday on “Full Measure” on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations, Dodson explained the reaction by his superiors to Terry’s death.

“When Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed, I immediately noticed that my agency was attempting to cover up any link between the investigation and the strategy that we employed and the death of Agent Terry,” Dodson said, reports the Daily Signal.

He also couldn’t help but notice the effort the DOJ was putting into covering up the scandal.

“(O)riginally the Department of Justice issued what was a letter denying the allegation, categorically denying the allegations. And from that point on, there was a congressional hearing and obstruction and document hiding and it seemed like everything that the United States government could do at the time to avoid showing the allegations … and proving them.”


I think agent Dodson is right. Our own government did everything in their power to cover up this scandal, to cover up the truth behind Terry’s death and prevent Congress, the public and Terry’s family from finding it.



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