Number of dead people rising – London Fire Disaster claims more victims


The Grenfell Tower disaster claimed more victims than anticipated. The burning building in London has taken the lives on 79 people so far.

After further investigation, the Metropolitan PD has finally uncovered the identities of of 5 of the victims. The other’s are still unknown. Stuart Cundy, MP commander has announced that unfortunately not all victims will be able to be identified. This is especially a problem for foreign victims that got caught up in the fire. There are complications in getting their records from their native countries.

The cause of the inferno is also unclear. However some speculate that it is likely  flammable cladding that caused the fires to burst. Still authorities are filling in an investigation to see for other possible explanations.

This tragic incident has shaken the world. From one terrorist attack to another and now this. Let’s all pray for London.


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