North Korean unidentified object passes South Korea’s airspace – machinegun rounds released immediately!


Looks like South Korea won’t just ignore North Korea’s threats to its people, so when North Korea launched an unidentified object into South Korea’s territory, the country let its military to take action.

As reported by Newsmax, this situation happened on Tuesday, 23rd May. There are rumors circulating some media outlets saying that this object was a drone. Nevertheless, South Korean’s didn’t care much about the nature of the unidentified object and sent a military warning to North Korea right away.


According to a Fox News report, as a response to this incident caused by North Korea, South Korea fired a 90 machine gun rounds toward their north neighbor’s border. They even launched an air surveillance to make themselves clear to their adversaries that they mean business.

BBC News reports that the South Korean army is not letting up. The Country’s leaders promised to “maintain high vigilance” after this careless action by North Korea.

This incident happens after a May 22nd gathering of the UN Security Council, during which members agreed to “take further significant measures including sanctions” to force North Korea to stop its “highly destabilizing behavior.”

This is not surprising at all, for South Korea to show military force as a warning to its northern neighbor’s objects. Last year South Korea also fired warning shots when a North Korean drone flew into the country’s airspace.

North Korea has already announced that they have successfully made long-range drones. Even though it’s not confirmed, the unidentified object that crossed South Korea’s airspace might as well be a drone.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un continues with the testing of nuclear missiles, showing his military power and defying calls of foreign nations to cease the tests.


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