NFL Continues To Face With Huge Numbers Of Empty Seats


Karma is coming back to bite these so called players that are protesting. The National Football League is facing the consequences over their disgraceful actions. Their protests took everyone’s attention and people who can recognize our national values were left shocked due to the players behavior which we have seen on the field.

The controversy with National Football League has prompted many fans and other prominent personalities to quit watching the games and to stay away from the stadiums The outraged fans decided to stay home and spent the gamedays by doing some other stuff instead of attending at the games.


Due to that, it is not shocking at all to see the stadiums left with a lot of empty seats. Many people on Twitter posted photos of the NFL stadiums which are only proving that the League suffers of low attendance. And all that because of the players’ misconduct. Most of them have chosen to disrespect our national values by kneeling down during the national anthem as a protest against political and social issues.

Radio host John Dickinson‏ posted a photo from the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, showing scattered crowd across the stadium.

As it appears from the photos, the match between San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals did not catch the fans’ attention. Another Twitter user estimated that two thirds of the seats were empty this weekend.

The situation was nearly identical when it came to the Giants’ game either. The user of EmptySeatsPics account wrote ‘Giants fans fed up with the weather and the team,‘ we would add that not only Giants fans but many other have had enough of NFL’s controversy.

Jaguars fans also decided to stay away from EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.


As the players keep kneeling and disrespecting the flag more and more Americans are getting more pissed off of the League. The empty seats mean that the NFL may face with some financial troubles. Looks like some salary negotiations will be interesting next season. What do you think? Share this post on Facebook and Twitter along with your comments.


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