Newt Gingrich with shocking reveal – Hillary has a new plan on destroying Trump


Newt Gingrich went on-air this week to give Trump a warning. Hillary Clinton is plotting something new. She is ready to destroy Trump for good.

Thanks to The Daily Caller,we have information on what Gingrich had to say. His first order of business was Robert Mueller. He questioned Mueller’s standing on the whole investigation on Trump and whether he can forget about his ties to Hillary while doing so.


This is just a speculation. However Gingrich has some strong results backing it. During the election campaign, Mueller’s law firm funded both Trump and Hillary. While Trump’s team got an amazing $628, Hillary’s got over $326,000.

What’s even more interesting is the people that are in Mueller’s team that will be going against Trump. Jeannie Rhee is the first member and she is well known for protecting the Clinton Foundation from many cases. Next up we have Andrew Weissmann. Former DoJ attorney and again a person in ties with Hillary.

It took only a minute or two to connect these dots. Here is Gingrich’s interview:

Is Mueller going to judge Trump fair and square or is this Hillary’s chance at payback? Comment below and tell us what you think.


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