New shocking reveal regarding the Tarmac meeting – Here is how they tried to get Trump


Finally some real news regarding a “REAL” case. A further investigation into the Tarmac meeting reveals a shocking truth. Here is how Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch tried to shut down Trump.

The meeting was on the 27th of June 2016. Former A.G. Lynch got herself out of the Clinton mail incident. Well as though many look at it that way, this meeting had a much different goal. Their aim wasn’t Hillary’s protection. Instead it was Trump’s downfall.


As officials have reported, the first ever FISA request to wiretap Trump came a few days after the meeting. If you think that’s a coincidence than you probably haven’t met politicians. Thankfully nobody at FISA is corrupted enough to allow such a surveillance and the request got denied. So did the other few that came soon faster. That went on till October 2016 when Obama requested the last “official” one.

The request was denied and Hillary’s crime came to the light of day. Days later and liberals start a rumor. Trump has a computer somewhere in his Trump Tower and he is connected to Russia with it. It seems they were desperate enough at that point.

All in all this is the whole story behind Trump-Russia conspiracies and the Tarmac meeting. Share the news and reveals the truth to the world.


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