Michael Wear’s view on the religious problem in the Democratic Party


The former director of Obama’s faith-outreach efforts gives a piece of his mind on why people of faith voted for Donald Trump instead of going Democrat.

Michael Wear who served in the White House faith-based initiative during Obama’s first term and supported him in his successful 2012 re-election campaign. He states that the Democrat’s “religious illiteracy problem” is connected with the demographics of the country, with more irreligious 20- and 30-year-olds taking positions of power in the Democratic Party.


“They grew up in parts of the country where navigating religion was not important socially and not important to their political careers,” said Wear in a new interview with the Atlantic. “This is very different from, like, James Carville in Louisiana in the ’80s. James Carville is not the most religious guy, but he gets religious people—if you didn’t get religious people running Democratic campaigns in the South in the ’80s, you wouldn’t win.”

But Wear states that the Democrats’ separation from religion and religious people Is not merely a demographic problem, it has something to do with carelessness too.

The overwhelming support for Donald Trump by religious citizens “shows not just ineptitude, but the ignorance of Democrats in not even pretending to give these voters a reason to vote for them,” said Wear. “They were looking for someone who was willing to understand their problems” , he added.

Wear also states that another reason for the estrangement of believers is the alliance with abortion industry. “Reaching out to evangelicals doesn’t mean you have to become pro-life,” he said. “It just means you have to not be so in love with how pro-choice you are, and so opposed to how pro-life we are.”

“The Democratic Party used to welcome people who didn’t support abortion into the party. We are now so far from that, it’s insane,” he added.

According to a pro-abortion writer, the Democratic Party has destroyed its chances for success by barring pro-life candidates. This has also been confirmed by a pro-life writer Stephen Markley who criticized Democrats for silencing pro-life voices within the Party. Instead of reaching out to working class whites, the Dems ignored the primary cultural issue that keeps most of those voters incapable of even contemplating anything but a Republican vote,” says Markley.

Wear’s point of view is that an increase in party disaffiliation is a way of “signaling moral discomfort” among the majority of the Democrat supporters who feel abandoned by party leadership.

“There are reports that high-level Democratic leadership was not interested in reaching out to white Catholics,” he said. “And they sure didn’t have a lot of interest in white evangelicals. That’s a huge portion of the electorate to throw out.”

“It doesn’t help you win elections if you’re openly disdainful toward the driving force in many Americans’ lives,” said Wear.

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