Maxine Waters is dead serious – Ben Carson is about to get it


Maxine Waters made a promise in front of everyone. She is going to hunt down Ben Carson at the first opportunity she gets. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is in big trouble.

According to official sources, Maxine’s exact words were “take him apart.” This all started when she showed her concerns for the new Health-Care system and the House’s passing of it. Her extreme dissatisfaction and anger rose to the point where she most likely threatened Dr. Carson.


Well Carson didn’t stand by idly. He has a few things to say to her. Here is what he offered in return:

He made sure to mop the floor with Democrats. Carson offered a great idea. Instead of crying and spreading this system as a bad idea why not help make it better. This could be the first of the century. Republicans and Democrats working together for the common good.

However we all know that won’t happen. Dems wont be themselves if they start working with Trump. That’s just against nature.


Do you think Carson made a great point? Comment below and tell us what you think. Share the news and let everyone know what Maxine plans to do.


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