Look what President Trump did with the White House – This is marvelous!


Time magazine recently went in the White House to make a few photos of President Trump and to show the people how he rearranged the White House by his own style. He’s made it very uniquely his own. From the grand crystal chandelier he bought with his own money, of course, to the gigantic flat screen TV over the fireplace.

President Trump replaced former president Obama’s red curtains in the Oval Office with his own – gold ones of course.


He replaced Obama’s modern art paintings with classic oil paintings with gold frames.

Donald Trump-White House

Former president Obama is said not to have been much a “person people” since he didn’t want a lot of people around when he was working. That can also be seen by the way he acted as commander in chief for eight years.

President Trump however, IS a “person people” in every sense of the word, he likes to cooperate in a crowd.

Obama also didn’t allow anyone into the private quarters of the White House, unlike President Trump who is far more open. He’s invited his staff up for meetings, and has old friends over for dinner.

First lady Melania and Baron Trump haven’t moved in the White House yet.


President Trump’s schedule has been pretty busy, overly busy, doing what he promised to do during his campaign last year. While the media has put all their efforts at sabotaging and belittling him, he’s been busy working for the country and its people.


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