Look What Happens When A High School Teacher Kneels During National Anthem To Support Kaepernick


Our “hot topic” today is the UNSEEN corruption in the American education. The liberal brainwashing of our young folks is now reaching its zenith. In the past decade we’ve seen how the globalists’ deep state led by Barack Obama succeeded to infiltrate in every segment of our society, but now we have to forget the past and look to the future.

The future is our legacy to the new generation. The new generation is brainwashed and controlled by the liberal leftists ( at least huge number of our young population). Now, we give you another of a horrible brainwashing of young and prosperous football players by their own coach.


Coolin Kaepernick may not have a professional football career anymore, however, the protests that he initiated may be the only thing people remember about this player. Kneeling during the National Anthem has died down recently, but it still seems to be popular within high schools.

Come Friday night, The Woodrow Wilson Tigers, a school where minority students are the majority, decided they were going to kneel for the anthem, an act that was encouraged by their coach, Preston Brown.

Brown had originally planned to protest alone. He expressed, “I am well aware of the third verse of the national anthem which is not usually sung, and I know that the words of the song were not originally meant to include people like me.”

The third verse in the National Anthem states, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

The Woodrow Wilson coach felt that it was his duty to protest.

“[Because] of recent events that happened the last couple years, things I experienced in college being an African-American student athlete in the south, I felt it was an appropriate time to do that,” he said. But still, he said that he wasn’t being unpatriotic. “I’m African-American, I wouldn’t rather be in any other country,” Brown proceeded. “But I can’t be oblivious to the things I see every day that are different four blocks away in a neighboring town.”

Brown explained, “I grew up in poverty, a lot of these kids are growing up in poverty. There’s a lot of social injustices and economic disparities. There’s issues right here in our own community.”

Brown admitted that he told the boys about his protest and several of them decided to join in the ongoing fight for equality.

Instead of reprimanding the students for standing up for what they believe in, Camden County School District spokesman Brandon Lowe simply stated, “Whether our students choose to stand, kneel, or otherwise, we’re proud of their engagement with what is more broadly a very important social justice issue.”


Even though two players did not participate in the protest, Brown supported their decision and stated that each student had the right to “exercise what they thought was right.”

H/T AmericanNews


Well, this is really unacceptable. What do you think, should they fire this coach immediately? This is not a joke. These kids should be proud Americans one day, not hate their country.


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