Libs Block Diplomat Car… Immediately Regret It!


The G20 Summit in Hamburg, Berlin was followed by many videos throughout the social media, but there was one video that got the public’s attention the most, where German demonstrators learned the hard way that it’s very unwise to block a diplomatic vehicle.

As reported, this incident took place in Hamburg, in time of the G20 Summit, when a group of protesters set up a human wall in order to spread whatever message they planned on spreading, but I don’t know if they noticed, but they had stopped a diplomatic vehicle.


This year’s summit in Germany was marked by a series of violent protests, and the ones who were charged with protecting the lives of diplomats surely weren’t happy.

German protesters learned that the only way to deal with such hilarious roadblock that refuses to break up was applying the gas pedal.

Check out the incident in the video below:

As you can see in the video, the driver initially gave a warning to the protesters, who obviously were indifferent to it and responded with clapping and chanting.

As he himself noticed, the barricade wasn’t going to move out of the way, so he was left with one choice – to push through them. Nobody of the protesters was hurt in the process, but he did smashed one bicycle which was blocking him.

By the look of it, surely the protesters didn’t expect this to happen. The way they screamed… they surely were surprised to see something not going the way they wanted to.


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