Liberal rioters who’ve caused chaos in the U.S. will finally account for it




As we’ve witnessed these past 8 months, especially the first few months President Trump stepped in office, liberal rioters have been causing chaos all around the U.S. by committing all kinds of violence and aggressive demonstrations. Now their time has come to account for all they’ve done and for everyone they hurt in their protests.

As reported by Willamette Week, a federal grand jury in Oregon charged Damion Feller with two counts of malicious damage to property by fire for throwing lit flares into the downtown Target store and also hitting a police car during the May 1st protests. This accusation shows the willingness of the prosecutors to move forward with charging those went on the streets of Portland on May 1st to hold a rather aggressive and violent demonstration against President Trump.


Damion Feller was taken into custody immediately after the protest and was charged with arson, criminal mischief, riot and reckless burning in Multnomah County Circuit Court. When he was asked by the judge why he committed all those crimes, particularly about the throwing of the flares, Feller replied: “Mob mentality,” and he then added that he did it cause he was “a f*cking idiot.”

Damion Feller

Damion Feller confessed of his crimes two days after the protesters broke the City Target windows and threw lit flares in the lobby.

“After agreeing to speak with the detectives,” the affidavit says, “the defendant was shown a photograph of the person who threw the burning flares described above on May 1, 2017. The defendant responded by saying, ‘I saw that online and I knew I was fucked.’”



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